Verify your fund received

If you have successfully received a receipt and the receipt status is displayed in the receipt list, you need to use the submit material to associate the order.

Step 1: Go to the collection management page 

On the top navigation pane, click [Collection].


Step 2: View collections

you can view the status, amount, currency, time, and other information of the recorded funds on the list page, and choose to perform corresponding operations based on different statuses: Verify or View details.


Step 3: Verify your fund received

1 View the entry status 

If your fund collection status is [Awaiting verification], you need to submit materials on your own initiative. On the collections page, click [Verify] to go to the associated order process.


2 Choose the source of funds

According to the page prompts, you must select a specific source of funds (single-choice).


3 Link orders

Different information filling pages are displayed based on the source of your Selected collection funds. Please follow the page prompt [Link Orders] for verification.

Source of collection funds 

List of certification materials 

overseas buyers

related trade orders 

top up with the same name of account owner

proof materials of top-up bank transactions with the same name

From overseas buyers

Enter the amount you want to associate as prompted. You can select multiple orders to associate and enter the amount. The sum of the order associated amount must be the same as the inbound amount. If the amount is not sufficient or excessive, the system will remind you to complete the association correctly.


The system displays all the orders to be associated based on the currency to be associated. If no order meets the conditions, you can also click [Create New Order] on the page to create.


Top up with the same name of account owner

follow the instructions on the page.


Step 4 Check the result

On the collection records page, you can view the review status of your account. The regular review time is within one working day. In case of special circumstances, you will be notified of the supplementary materials for a second review, and the review time will be extended accordingly.