Add a new receiving account

If you have passed the business verification of your account, your account has been activated, and you can create a collection account.

Step 1: Apply for a collection account

1 Go to the collection page 

you can click [Collection] at the top of the homepage or click quick navigation [Receive] to enter the collection page.


2 Add a new receiving account 

click [Add a new receiving account] button on the page, start the account creation process.


3 Select the source of funds 

User can select [funds Source], currently WorldFirst support users to receive funds from overseas buyers, please according to page display options.


4 Select the currency 

you can select yhe currency for your new receiving account according to the actual demand and system display supported currencies.


5 Select an account opening location

you can according to the actual needs, select the opening location for your virtual account.


6 Single-currency account/global multi-currency account 

you can create a single-currency account or a global multi-currency account by selecting the account opening location.

Single currency account

What is a single currency account?

  • Overseas buyers can use their local bank accounts in their countries to pay to your corresponding WorldFirst single currency account, which is cost-effective and quick to receive.
  • WorldFirst currently supports the top 10 common currencies in the world.

If you need a single-currency payment account, select the account opening location corresponding to the currency after you select the currency. For example, if you need a single USD receiving account, select the USD currency and select The United States as the account opening location.


Global Multi-currency account 

What is a global multi-currency account?

  • Overseas buyers can use international bank transfer (T/T) to pay to your multi-currency global payment account of WorldFirst. Note: the Hong Kong collection account supports local collection of Hong Kong dollar/offshore RMB, and the Singapore collection account supports local collection of Singapore dollar.
  • WorldFirst allows you to create a global multi-currency account in Hong Kong, China or Singapore.

If you want to [global multi-currency collection account], select [Hong Kong, China] or [Singapore] as your account opening location. For example, if you need a global multi-currency account in US dollars, select the [USD] currency and select [Hong Kong, China] or [Singapore] as the collection account opening location.


7 Give your new receiving account a friendly name

you can customize the nickname of the receiving account to easily manage accounts.


Step 2: View the collection account details 

After you successfully apply for a receiving account, you can view the details of the receiving account in real time so that you can use the receiving account to collect money correctly.


Note: the limit of the collection account is exceeded. 

By default, you can have a maximum of five un-used receiving accounts. If the limit is exceeded, you will receive a system prompt. If you still want to add more payment accounts, you need to contact customer service. We are glad to help you.