Download proof of account

If you have created a receiving account, you can manage and view the receiving account information in the portal.

Step 1: Enter the collection page 

  • you can click [Collection] on the homepage of the portal. 
  • You can click [View all balance] at the bottom of [My account balance] on the homepage of the portal to enter the receiving accounts page.


Step 2: View the receiving accounts list 

On the receiving accounts page, you can view all your receiving accounts.


Step 3: View the receiving account details 

The receiving accounts details page consists of three sections for you to operate and manage: 

  • Receiving account details: click View account details to view the specific account details and download the proof of account letter. 
  • Add payers: displays the payers with the same name as the account owner. 
  • Recent funds received: displays the recent receiving records, and you can click to view all records.


Step 4: Download proof of account letter 

you can click [View details] on the receiving account details page. At the bottom of the selected account details page, click [download proof of account letter].


You can confirm the account holder nickname and address on the next page. The system will then create the proof letter for you to download.