Create trading orders

You can create an order in advance so that you can quickly link the order with the account for review.

Step 1: Go to the order management page 

On the collection management page, you can click the [Payers] to switch to the payer list page. In addition, you can click the switch button to filter and display different types of funds sources.


Step 2: Enter the process of adding an order 

You can add a new order to submit the trading order information in advance. The received funds source can be quickly associated with the orders when you receive the payment. 

You can click the button in the upper-right corner of the Payers page to enter the process. Note: Select order management on the left, and then click [Add an order]


Step 3: Fill in the order information 

Fill in the contract information


Note: You must confirm whether the order needs to be used for CNY settlement.

>>>What is CNY settlement?

Enter Product Information 

Note: If you select  [Need for CNY settlement] when creating a new order , the product/store URL is required. Product/store website support: Independent website (self-built website), platform Store website/product website (such as Alibaba.com, made in China website, Dunhuang website, etc.)

If you do not have website above, see the reference guide>>> Website Guide


Fill in the logistics information 

Please fill in according to the actual logistics situation of goods trade and transportation


Customs declaration form available

Customs declaration form not available




New Buyer

Old Buyer



Other supporting documents


Check and submit the form


Manage orders 

you can view the status on the Payers page. The system page will display the status of your orders. Follow the instruction on the page. You can click [View] to view the details of each order. If your order has the edit button, you can modify the order. Otherwise, the order is in the unmodifiable status. You can click edit to modify some information.