1688 KJB (Cross-border Pay)

Cross-border trade enterprises can directly purchase products with sunshine, safety and convenience from 1688 suppliers through overseas (outside China) entities.

Quick Guide

Step 1: Enter the cross-border Pay (1688 KJB) activation page 

Click [Funds management] at the top of the Portal to find the Cross-border Pay (KJB).


Click [Cross-border Pay] to enter the page and click [Activate cross-border Pay].


Step 2: Authorize 1688 accounts 

Fill in the 1688 account number to be authorized on the page. After confirming the authorization agreement, you can successfully activate Cross-border Pay (KJB).


How to use Cross-border Pay (KJB)

Step 1: Select [secured transaction] at the online cashier on 1688


Step 2: Select Cross-border Pay (KJB)

Select Cross-border Pay in the form of secured transactions to use your bound wanlihui (WorldFirst) account to pay. 

Please note: 1688 platform will charge 0.2% service charge during the cashier process.