CNY Withdrawal/Transfer

WorldFirst supports customers to pay CNY to the payee. You can withdraw money through CNY settlement to the payee account with the same name or transfer the money to the 3rd party payee account.

Step 1: Enter the payment page 

Entry 1: Click [Funds Management] ; Select Withdrawal or Transfer

Entry 2: In the quick navigation of the home page, click [Send]


Step 2: Select CNY payee account

1. Select the payee account type 

If you withdraw money, only the payee account with the same name is displayed.

If you transfer money, only the third-party payee account is displayed. On the select payee page, you can switch the payee type to [bank account] or [Alipay account]





2 Select CNY payee account 

Select the CNY payee account that you want to pay, and the system will start the [CNY settlement] process in the next step.


If you do not have the required payee account to choose from, you can click [add new payee] to add a payee account.

3 (optional) Add remarks

you can add remarks (optional) on the select payee account page.


Step 3: Select the currency account

Click select currency account according to the drop-down list. You can see the available balance of each foreign currency account.


Step 4: Select the CNY settlement order and the current settlement amount

1 Enter the CNY settlement order selection page. 

According to the relevant regulatory requirements on the authenticity of cross-border transactions, when you withdraw/transfer CNY, it is required to provide the trader order information for the CNY settlement.


2 (optional) If no CNY settlement order is available 

If you do not have an order for foreign exchange settlement, click [order management] to create a new order for CNY settlement with actual trading information.


3 CNY settlement orders available 

if you have an order for CNY settlement, the system displays the order selection page for CNY settlement. You can view the details of each [order for CNY settlement] on this page.

Order Details 


Account balance 

Count the available balance in your foreign currency account 

Settlement Amount 

WorldFirst generates your settlement amount based on your settlement order details. You can withdraw or transfer CNY within the amount that can be settled. 

Order settlement amount 

Count the amount of CNY that can be settled after being linked with the account and approved in this CNY settlement order 

CNY settlement 

Count the amount of money that has been settled and the CNY withdrawal/transfer has been completed in this CNY settlement order 

CNY settlement amount 

Actual amount of CNY settlement


4 Select CNY settlement orders and fill in the amount 

The current order for CNY settlement will be displayed on the page. Please Select and fill in the amount of this foreign exchange settlement as required.


Step 5: Confirm the order and amount 

After the order selection and amount are reviewed, you can click [Next]. The system displays the total transaction amount, service charge, exchange rate, and the CNY amount received from this settlement.


Step 6: Confirm the transaction 

if you confirm that the transaction information is correct, click next to enter the transaction confirmation page. The system displays the real-time exchange rate refresh time and prompts you to refresh the page every 1 minute to view the latest exchange rate.


Step 7: Proceed transaction 

If you confirm that the transaction information is correct, click confirm, enter the payment password, and complete the corresponding identity verification as prompted on the page. After the verification is successful, the system displays the success page of the transaction accepted.