1. What is WorldFirst's Cross-border Pay (KJB) all about?

A: Cross-border Pay (KJB) is a product launched jointly by Ant Group and 1688.com, specifically for international e-Commerce procurement services. Overseas e-Commerce merchants can now pay for 1688.com orders in foreign currencies while 1688.com suppliers receive payments in CNY, turning the impossible into reality.

2. How can I use Cross-border Pay (KJB)?

A: Simply top up your off-shore RMB (CNH) WorldFirst account in advance, or use other currencies to convert to off-shore RMB (CNH). Once that's done, you may start using Cross-border Pay (KJB) to pay for your 1688.com orders from China.

3. What are the advantages of using Cross-border Pay (KJB) through WorldFirst?

A: Once Cross-border Pay (KJB) is activated in your WorldFirst account, you will enjoy better exchange rates for off-shore RMB (CNH) as well as be able to auto-debit off-shore RMB (CNH) in real time for purchases in a single click, making things more efficient and cost-effective.

4. What currencies does Cross-border Pay (KJB) support for transactions? 

A: Cross-border Pay (KJB) currently supports transactions in CNH only. If you have other currencies in your WorldFirst account, kindly convert your account balance into off-shore RMB (CNH) first before using Cross-border Pay (KJB).

5. Does Cross-border Pay (KJB) auto-debit other currencies from WorldFirst accounts, such as US Dollars and Euros? 

A: The auto-debit function is currently applicable to off-shore RMB (CNH) WorldFirst accounts only. If necessary, you may choose to use WorldFirst's currency exchange tool to convert directly into off-shore RMB (CNH). We are working on making the auto-debit function applicable to other currencies in the future, so stay tuned for updates.

6. What service fees will I be charged for when using Cross-border Pay (KJB)? 

A: You will be charged the following:

(a) A 0.4% standard rate for auto-debit transactions when paying for 1688.com orders - click "Activate Cross-border Pay (KJB) service" for the total fee breakdown


(b) A tiered service fee (max. 0.2%) that will be charged according to your average monthly transaction volume (in CNY) on 1688.com

7. How many 1688.com accounts can I link to my WorldFirst account?

A: One (1) WorldFirst account can link multiple 1688.com accounts, but a single 1688.com account can only be linked to one unique WorldFirst account.

8. If my 1688.com account with Cross-border Pay (KJB) service has been previously linked to an Alipay International account, can I still use it through WorldFirst?

A: No, you will be required to unlink it from your Alipay International account and then re-authorize that 1688.com account to your WorldFirst account.

See instructions here:  


9. Why am I unable to link my 1688.com account to WorldFirst?

A: If you encounter this problem, kindly check that the 1688.com account (corporate/personal) you entered has completed the Alipay identity verification process. For overseas users, kindly make sure that your 1688.com account has been successfully authorized as well.  

Find more details in this document through the link below:  

"What is classified as an authorized 1688.com account?"


10. Why am I unable to pay with my 1688.com account?

A: If you encounter this problem, kindly check that you have:  

(a) Selected "Cross-border Pay (KJB)" as your payment method after selecting "Secured transaction" when submitting your order on 1688.com

(b) Sufficient off-shore RMB (CNH) in your WorldFirst account balance by topping up or converting other currencies into off-shore RMB (CNH) in advance

(c) Sufficient off-shore RMB (CNH) in your WorldFirst account balance to pay for additional fees incurred by Cross-border Pay (KJB) and 1688.com

11. Why am I unable to find "Cross-border Pay (KJB)" as a payment method in 1688.com's checkout page?

A: If you encounter this problem, it could be because:  

(a) You did not select "Secured transaction" at the checkout page, which is mandatory

(b) Your order contains prohibited items

(c) You have used a Red Packet discount on your order (Red Packet discounts are only applicable to payments made with a bank card linked to Alipay)

(d) Your 1688.com account is not linked to an Alipay account registered in Mainland China  

(e) You have not activated Cross-border Pay (KJB) service for your 1688.com account

(f) The 1688.com supplier you are purchasing from does not accept payments made with Cross-border Pay (KJB)  

(g) Cross-border Pay (KJB) is not applicable to credit-term orders or contract orders

12. What can I do if I have more questions related to 1688.com?

A: If you have any questions, kindly contact:  

(a) 1688.com Customer Service Centre


(b) 1688.com chatbot


(c) 1688.com Customer Service hotline


Operation hours: Monday - Friday 9:00-18:00 (GMT+8)

Learn more about 1688.com's "VIP Buyer" and instructions on how to apply through the following link: