Cross-border trade fulfillment &
Transaction assurance service

Limited time offer:
Service fee rate only 2.5%
for any card payments made before 6.30

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Main Service


Online ordering to save the hassle of onsite meetings


Real-time status updates to reassure buyers and sellers


Transparent system to strengthen trust among stakeholders


Transparent system to strengthen trust among stakeholders


Smart solutions in place to control trade risks


Streamlined process to boost operational efficiency

User Journey in Only 3 Steps

Sellers draft an order

Buyers confirm order details and pay

Sellers ship products;
Buyers confirm delivery

We aim to collaborate with you, to build a global trade ecosystem

Connecting with trust for mutual wins, achieving shared value

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use WorldTrade?

Sellers: We serve sellers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong SAR who have WorldFirst CN B2B account.

Buyers: We serve businesses worldwide, except in the prohibited/restricted countries or regions.

How to pay an order?

WorldTrade order payment service is provided by licensed partner instituations. Global buyers can pay using credit/debit cards, including MASTERCARD, VISA, JCB, DISCOVER, DINERS and AMEX. A fee is charged for payment by credit/debit cards, the default transaction service fee rate is 2.9%, you can negotiate with the seller to determine who should pay the fee.

Users in the UK, European Economic Area, Southeast Asia, and the Australia/New Zealand region can pay using their USD balance of WorldFirst account (buyers need to have an overseas WorldFirst account set up).

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