World Account Terms of Use

Terms of Use:
World Account China Corporate

World First Asia Limited

1. You have signed up for access to the World Account service which is subject to our approval and subject to receipt of any required or additional information throughout your use of the service. Any requested information must be provided without delay. If requested information is not provided within a reasonable timeframe we reserve the right to close / decline the service.

2. The 'World Account' may only be used for transactions directly related to your business's stated activities and not for personal, household, transactions relating to friends and family or other third party businesses (regardless of whether they hold the positions of directors or owners in common). Where your business's activities change from what you have stated to us previously, you are required to inform us of this. Failure to do so may result in account closure, delay, or a refusal to conduct future transactions.

3. The unique account/s you are assigned must only be used for receiving trade-based business revenues and paying supplier payments to corporate bank accounts (i.e. payments to individuals are not permitted). We reserve the right to return any unusual or suspicious payments back to source without your prior consent, deducting any bank charges and fees incurred.

To ensure efficient processing of transactions and complying Anti-Money Laundering requirements, please inform us the source of funds for each of the currency accounts assigned to you (including the expected names of third parties or buyers - if known, and nature of these payments). If you plan to use the currency accounts to receive funds from multiple sources or third parties, please kindly inform us in advance to avoid any disruption of services. We may request supporting documents (e.g. invoices and shipping documents) from time-to-time.

4. You agree and warrant that you will not use your World Account for any of the following Prohibited Activities. Should WorldFirst determine, at its sole discretion, that you are using your WorldFirst directly or indirectly in relation to any of the below Prohibited Activities, WorldFirst may immediately terminate your World Account without further notice to you (please refer to the terms and conditions for further information). This list may be updated from time to time.

⎯ Counterfeit & Replica goods,
⎯ Unauthorised Copies of Intellectual Property,
⎯ Stolen Property,
⎯ Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies
⎯ Artefacts,
⎯ Ethnically or Racially Offensive Material,
⎯ Event Tickets,
⎯ Real Estate,
⎯ Drugs & Associated paraphernalia,
⎯ Government-Issued IDs, Licenses,
⎯ Legal intoxicants or 'Legal highs',
⎯ Products that present a high risk to consumer safety,
⎯ Drug paraphernalia,
⎯ Pornographic products or services,
⎯ Animals, pets or Wildlife,
⎯ Weapons, ammunition or explosives,
⎯ Hazardous Materials,
⎯ Human Parts and Remains,
⎯ Gambling or betting of any kind,
⎯ Personal use such as gifts, loans or payments from friends and family,
⎯ Any activity deemed to be illegal in any applicable jurisdiction.
⎯ Any other activity that WorldFirst deems to fall outside of its risk appetite that has been notified to you. 

(Jointly referred to herein as 'Prohibited Activities')

Should you be unsure whether or not your business activities falls within any Prohibited Activities you are advised to contact us immediately and seek clarification PRIOR to using your account in relation to such activity.

5. WorldFirst must abide by sanctions imposed on countries, individuals, entities, regimes, territories and vessels by the UK, UN, USA and other countries. You agree and warrant that you will not use your World Account to receive funds from, or make payment, directly or indirectly to any sanctioned body. Should WorldFirst determine, that you are using your World Account in relation to any sanctioned body, WorldFirst may freeze these funds and immediately terminate your World Account without further notice to you (please refer to the terms and conditions for further information).
WorldFirst deems the following regions to be prohibited:
⎯ Crimea
⎯ Cuba
⎯ Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
⎯ Iran
⎯ Libya
⎯ Sudan
⎯ South Sudan
⎯ Syria
6. Where you are selling goods or services on any online marketplace or other distribution channels and using your World Account to collect such revenues, you confirm that you have ownership or are the legal controller of the related storefronts and all capital generated therefrom. In addition, you agree to provide details of the relevant storefront (including links and screenshots) and sources of funds to WorldFirst on an ongoing basis. Any transfer not related to your business is prohibited.

7. Where you use your World Account to collect funds from payment gateways (e.g. PayPal), you must be the owner of the payment gateway account and it should only be used to receive funds relating to the ordinary business activities of the account holder (in accordance with item 2 above).  WorldFirst may seek supporting evidence from time to time and you agree to supply this information without delay.

8. You agree that should your company structure or beneficial ownership structure changes, you will immediately notify WorldFirst of these changes. WorldFirst may seek supporting documentation and you agree to supply this information without delay.

9. Due to regulatory restrictions, you have 90 days from receipt of your sales revenue to instruct a payment and repatriate funds to your preferred beneficiary account. After 90 days, any remaining funds will be automatically transferred to your designated beneficiary bank account (i.e. your corporate bank account).

10. You confirm that you adhere to all applicable laws including tax laws and that you will pay and are responsible for paying all taxes and other government charges as are required by each jurisdiction in which you buy and sell. Taxes and fees are subject to change at the discretion of each country's government. Please seek advice where you are at all unsure about your legal responsibilities.

11. World Account service will be subject to the Fair Usage Policy communicated to you by WorldFirst

12. By indicating your acceptance to this policy, you shall be deemed to have accepted and fully understood the Terms of Use set out above which together form part of the WorldFirst Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply with any of the terms listed above may be deemed to be a material breach to your agreement with WorldFirst. Should WorldFirst deem any non-compliance with the terms above as a material breach to the agreement this will lead to the immediate termination of your Agreement and your rights to undertake any of the WorldFirst Services will be immediately withdrawn.

Should any of the above conflict with your requirements, please contact WorldFirst.

使用条款:World Account 中国公司
WorldFirst Asia Limited

13. 您已经注册获取 World Account 服务,但这取决于我们的审批,并且取决于是否收到您在使用服务过程中所需的或额外的信息。要求的任何信息都必须立即提供。如果未在合理的时间段内提供要求的信息,那么我们保留结束/拒绝服务的权利。

14. "World Account"只能用于跟您业务规定的活动直接相关的交易,不得用于涉及朋友和家人或者其他第三方业务的个人、家庭交易(不论他们是否是担任共同董事或所有者职位)。如果与您之前向我们声明的内容相比,您的业务活动出现了变化,那么您需要把此事告知我们。未能这样做可能会导致账户关闭、延迟、或者被拒绝进行未来交易。

15. 您被指定的唯一账户只能用于接收基于交易的业务收入,以及把供应商付款支付到公司银行账户(即:不允许给个人的付款)。我们保留在未获得您事先同意的情况下退回任何异常或可疑付款的权利,并且扣除产生的任何银行收费和费用。


16. 您同意并保证,您将不会把您的 World Account 用于以下任何违禁活动。如果 WorldFirst 自行确定,您在使用 WorldFirst 时直接或间接地涉及以下任何违禁活动,那么 WorldFirst 可能会在未给您发送进一步通知的情况下立即终止您的 World Account(请参考条款与条件,了解更多信息)。这个列表可能会不时更新。

⎯ 假货和复制品、
⎯ 未经授权的知识产权拷贝、
⎯ 盗窃赃物、
⎯ 比特币、加密数字货币、
⎯ 文物、
⎯ 民族或种族攻击性材料、
⎯ 活动门票、
⎯ 房地产、
⎯ 药物和相关用具、
⎯ 政府签发的身份证、许可证、
⎯ 合法麻醉品或"合法兴奋剂"、
⎯ 对消费者构成重大安全风险的产品、
⎯ 吸毒用具、
⎯ 色情产品或服务、
⎯ 动物、宠物或野生动物、
⎯ 武器、军火或爆炸物、
⎯ 危险物品、
⎯ 人体器官和遗体、
⎯ 赌博或任何形式的投注、
⎯ 个人用途,例如来自朋友和家人的礼品、贷款或付款、
⎯ 在任何适用司法辖区被认为非法的任何活动。
⎯ WorldFirst 认为超出已经告知您的其风险偏好的任何其他活动。 
⎯ (合称"违禁活动")

17. WorldFirst 必须遵守英国、联合国、美国和其他国家对国家、个人、实体、政权、领地和船舶施加的制裁。您同意并保证,您不会把您的 World Account 用于接收来自或者直接或间接地支付资金给任何被制裁主体。如果 WorldFirst 确定,您在使用您的 World Account 时涉及任何被制裁主体,那么 WorldFirst 可能会在未给您发送进一步通知的情况下冻结这些资金,并且立即终止您的 World Account(请参考条款与条件,了解更多信息)。
WorldFirst 确定以下地区属于被禁止地区:
⎯ 克里米亚
⎯ 古巴
⎯ 朝鲜民主主义人民共和国(北韩)
⎯ 伊朗
⎯ 利比亚
⎯ 苏丹
⎯ 南苏丹
⎯ 叙利亚
18. 如果您正在任何网上市场或其他分销渠道中销售产品或服务,并且使用您的 World Account 收取此类收入,那么您确认,您拥有或者是相关店铺及其产生的所有资金的合法控制者。此外,您同意持续向 WorldFirst 提供相关店铺(包括链接和截屏)和资金来源的详细信息。禁止与您业务无关的任何转账。

19. 如果您用您的 World Account 来收集来自支付网关(例如 PayPal)的资金,那么您必须是支付网关账户的所有者,并且它应当只能用于接收与账户持有者正常业务活动有关的资金(根据上面的条目 2)。WorldFirst 可能会不时寻求支持证据,并且您同意立即提供这些信息。

20. 您同意,如果您的公司结构或受益所有人结构发生变化,那么您将立即把这些变化告知 WorldFirst。WorldFirst 可能会寻求支持文件,并且您同意立即提供这些信息。

21. 由于监管限制,您从收到销售收入开始有 90 天时间发出支付指令,并且把资金汇到您首选的收款人账户。90 天之后,任何剩余的资金将被自动转账到您指定的收款人银行账户(即您的公司银行账户)。

22. 您确认您遵守所有适用的法律(包括税法),且您将支付并负责支付您买卖所在的各司法辖区规定的所有税费和其他政府收费。税费和费用可能依各国政府的自由裁量而发生变更。如果您对自身法律责任有任何不明确之处,请随时向我们咨询。

23. World Account 服务将受制于 WorldFirst 发给您的公平使用政策

24. 一经表示接受本政策,即视为您已接受并充分理解上文列明的使用条款,这些条款共同构成 WorldFirst 条款和条件的组成部分。未能遵守上列任何条款可视为您对与 WorldFirst 达成之协议的重大违约。若 WorldFirst 认为任何不遵守上述条款的行为构成对协议的重大违约,我们可立即终止与您的协议,并立即撤销您享受任何 WorldFirst 服务的权利。

如果上述任何设置与您的要求不符,请联系 WorldFirst。