How could faster payments benefit you?

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We now offer more competitive payment cut-off times and value dates to our customers for international payments and transfers.

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Faster same-currency and cross-currency payments are available through our World Account as well as our WorldFirst Payments Account.

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Send and receive payments with greater speed and efficiency enabling better cash management. This facilitates more predictable budgeting, tracking, flexible spending, and investing.

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Reduce risk

Faster payments can expediate payment initiation, clearing and settlement. This can also reduce risk as it shortens the delay between these actions.

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Extend your reach to Asia with same day USD & HKD payments to any Hong Kong based currency account to release your shipments sooner.

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Save time

Make same-day payments – up to 1 day faster than before.

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Strong relationships

WorldFirst have forged strong relationships with Tier 1 banks.

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Secure payments

Secure payments available online and via the phone. Please speak to one of our dedicated account managers for more information.