Lower the FX costs for your business and start saving more today. With our simple and transparent pricing, you will receive a fixed spread based on your annual trading volume, so you’ll always know what rate you’re paying on every trade, ahead of time.

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£70 Billion transferred for our customers since we launched in 2004, more than 1 million transfers per year.

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We have a comprehensive online platform that provides fast and secure transfers 24x7.

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Great FX rates from day one - and no hidden FX fees either. You'll always know what you're paying.

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Making International Payments

If you’re an importer of goods or services making international payments or managing forward contracts, then the Payments Account could be for you.

  • → Make same day international payments
  • → Book a spot contract (secure a rate now and make payment within 2 days)
  • → Make bulk payments from a single transaction
  • → Set firm orders to buy & sell currency as and when the rate is achieved
  • → Book & manage forward contracts (secure a rate now for up to 2 years)

Receiving International Payments

If you’re an exporter of goods or services receiving funds from international customers or managing forward contracts, then the World Account could be for you.

  • → Open one or multiple currency accounts, same day in one platform – for FREE
  • → Choose from in country GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, AUD, SGD & NZD accounts
  • → Collect and hold funds locally from international customers
  • → Transfer funds between balances and make local or international payments out
  • → Book & manage forward contracts (secure a rate now for up to 2 years)

Client stories

Rob - World of Clogs

Rob spotted a niche, and went for it! We help him send home his proceeds from overseas marketplace sales – he loves our rates too.

Michael - J&C Voyageurs

Michael runs a specialist safari company, organising bespoke holidays all over Africa. He uses WorldFirst to pay his suppliers and protect his bottom line.

Alex - Moreplay

Alex started selling online when he was 13, and his business continues to grow. He found WorldFirst to repatriate his funds, and never looked back.