No deposit and withdrawal fees

The spread is only 0.15% to 0.5% of the funds-in amount, and no other fees will be charged. We help you save more in long term by offering a very competitive spread.

Item Fee
Account open fee 0
Account maintenance fee 0
WorldFirst account deposit fee 0
Balance/withdrawal record inquiry 0
Domestic bank withdrawal fee 0
Domestic bank remittance fees 0
Exchange fee at withdrawal 0.15% - 0.5%

Exchange rate

WorldFirst's exchange rates are based on real-time exchange market rates, resulting in zero exchange loss.

Simple pricing structure

The higher the monthly funds-in amount, the lower your spread.

Monthly funds in amount ($) Spread
$0 - $50K 0.5%
$50K - $500K 0.25%
$500K+ 0.15%

※ Withdrawals over the weekends and during holidays are subject to an additional charge of 0.25% due to currency fluctuation risk.

Save more

Get¥15,900 more out of US$10,000 as compared to industry standards.

Deposit amount(USD)Spread(%)Exchange rate(%)Withdrawal amount(JPY)
WorldFirst 10,000 0.5 106 1,054,700
Industry reference 10,000 2 106 1,038,800