Most competitive fee

WorldFirst uses a simple fee structure.

  • No account opening or annual fee
  • The spread ranges from 0.15%-0.5% only


Statement of destination fees

We have selected the “sender's burden” fee when we transfer funds to your domestic bank. In most cases, it is unlikely that there will be a payable commission, whether the receiving bank is a major big bank, a local bank, or an Internet bank. That said, we recommend you to check with the receiving bank whether you will be charged a commission.


More than 250,000 businesses and individuals have chosen WorldFirst globally

We have handled over £70 billion and has more than 1 million transactions per year since 2004. When you're collecting funds from oversea businesses, WorldFirst can help you get it done faster, easier, cheaper and safer.


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You can open a global multi-currency account for free and collect funds in GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, AUD, SGD, NZD, HKD, CNH from overseas businesses.

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Simple and transparent pricing. Stay updated with real-time rates via our 24 hours full-service platform and catch the best time to exchange to JPY.

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Two-factor authentication and strict handling of personal information. Staff with expertise in FX will provide full support for platform operations and currency exchange consultations.