Frequently asked questions

You can register directly on the official website of WorldFirst: Please make sure that you have filled out all the required information and click "submit" on the last page. If you leave the page during registration, we will not be able to receive any information, and you will need to start the registration process again (you must also register with a new user name).
If there are any changes to your personal information, please contact your account manager as soon as possible, or send your WorldFirst receiving account customer reference number and WorldFirst account information to Please note that if you move, we will need you to provide new proof of address.
We will contact you by telephone and e-mail to confirm the account information, meanwhile you will be required to provide relevant documents for our review. Once you receive the details of the bank account, you can log into the WorldFirst Online (WFO) at any time to add payees' bank information ahead of time.
If you need to authorize another person to manage your WorldFirst account, please provide relevant materials for authorization. If you have not authorized a third party to manage your WorldFirst account, we are only able to communicate and disclose account details with the account holder in order to protect the privacy of your account. To complete the authorization process, please fill in the authorization form here and send it along with the two-sided copy of the third-party administrator’s identity card to your client onboarding manager or account manager.
After entering the WorldFirst Online (WFO), click "set" - > "upload file" in the left-hand menu bar. Please inform your client onboarding manager after uploading the file so that we can follow up for you.
We accept any of the following materials that contain the applicant's name and his/her current address:

a) A valid driving licence issued within three months (with complete residential address) or

b) A letter or bill mailed or sent electronically and issued by the following institutions in the last three months,

  • a regulated bank, or
  • water/electricity/gas provider, or
  • government and related organizations, or
  • an insurance company (life/car/home insurance)

We do not accept water, electricity or gas bills issued by a property management office or monthly mobile phone bills. If you are unable to provide any of the above documents, please contact your client onboarding manager.

WorldFirst does not charge any account opening fee, annual fee or account entry fee. You can ask your account manager about the fee for fund withdrawals once your account is successfully opened. You can also find the latest news about offers and promotions on our official website.
We can open receiving accounts in GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, AUD, SGD, NZD, HKD & CNH for free. Please note that these accounts can only be used to receive funds from designated and authorized e-commerce marketplaces.
Please log in to the seller page of your e-commerce marketplace and add the foreign currency accounts allocated by WorldFirst. US dollar accounts can be used to receive funds from North America, pound accounts can be used to receive funds from the UK, and Euro accounts can be linked to receive funds from four European countries (France, Italy, Germany and Spain).
We do not provide physical bank cards, but you can log in to WorldFirst Online (WFO) to check the balance and request fund withdrawals at any time.
We do not support personal transfers from third parties at the moment. Funds can only be received from designated and authorized e-commerce marketplaces, which cannot be used for other purposes.
No, currently customers can only withdraw funds into WorldFirst receiving accounts under the name of the WorldFirst account holder.
Yes. please contact your account manager to provide relevant supporting documents for statement application.
WorldFirst can pay VAT on behalf of the VAT payer. In addition, we also support VAT payment for sub accounts. Please log in to the WorldFirst Online (WFO) to submit the VAT beneficiary details, provide the VAT number in the note column and send the corresponding storefront link(s) to your account manager. Feel free to contact us for more details.
WorldFirst's mission is to ensure the security of your funds. We ensure that your funds are separated from our business funds.

World First Asia Limited is a registered limited liability company registered in Hong Kong. No: 1989650 and is regulated as a Money Service Operator by the Hong Kong Customs and approved by the MSO under license no.: 14-02-01352. You can check this information on the MSO licensing website. We must hold sufficient funds to safeguard our business operations so as to further protect our customers' assets. We maintain a high level of capital adequacy. You can also check the registration and regulatory location information of WorldFirst group's companies on the website:

If you have any complaints about our service, please contact your account manager. We pledge to investigate your complaints and respond in a timely manner. In order to enhance our service quality, you are welcome to propose any suggestions at any time.
Once you register a WorldFirst account, WorldFirst Online (WFO) is available simultaneously. When you register your WorldFirst account, you need to set your user name, password, security questions and answers. Please save the information you have set so that you can log in to the WFO in the future. After opening a WorldFirst account, you can log in to WFO to operate your account 24/7, ranging from checking the balance to withdrawing funds etc.
Go to the login page of WFO, click "Forget Password" and enter your user name. The system will send a temporary password to your registered mailbox. Activate the password according to the instructions in your email: Enter the temporary password as the current password and then reset the new password.
After you log in to WFO, click "Currency Account" on the left to check the complete information of all your accounts.
Please log into WorldFirst Online (WFO) and click "Beneficiaries" -> "Create a new beneficiary" to add a beneficiary. In general the newly added account information will be reviewed within two to three working days. You can also send an email to notify your client onboarding manager so as to facilitate the review process.

If you have anything unclear about your receiving account information, please check with your receiving bank.

You may refer to the following guides for more details.

How to add-individual foreign currency account information.pdf

How to add-corporate foreign currency account information.pdf

Please log in to your WorldFirst Online (WFO) account, where on the left you can click "Beneficiary" to check the receiving bank records that are being reviewed ("Unconfirmed beneficiaries") or have been verified ("View beneficiaries").
After the funds are remitted from the platform to your WorldFirst account, you can log in to the WorldFirst Online (WFO) to check the balance and apply to withdraw funds. Please add the beneficiary information before withdrawing funds.
You can go to "Your Statements" to check your account entry and transfer records on WorldFirst Online (WFO).
You can log in to WorldFirst Online (WFO) at any time to check your current balance and account information.
If the transaction information is incorrect, please contact your account manager immediately for more details.
As long as you submit your payment application from 00:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on every working day, the funds in CNY will reach your account within the same day the earliest! *

*Only applicable to AUD/CAD/EUR/GBP/USD to CNY payment. The actual payment receiving time may be affected by bank holidays of the trading currencies and/or in other countries or regions. WorldFirst is entitled to the right of the final interpretation.

Withdrawals of other currencies will be arranged on the earliest value rate which the banks can provide.

There can be many reasons for the suspension of your payment. Please check whether you have received an email or a phone call from your account manager and provide us the necessary information.

This doesn't often happen, but if your funds don't arrive within the expected timescale, then let us know as soon as possible so that we can set up an investigation with our bank. We will continue to liaise with our bank until the issue has been resolved and the beneficiary has received the funds, and we promise to keep you informed every step of the way.

WorldFirst can initiate a non-receipt investigation (trace) if funds have not reached the beneficiary in an appropriate amount of time. The most common reason for delays are below:

  1. Further Information Request: Our correspondent banks and/or their banking partners may request further information on a payment. It will be released when a satisfactory response has been supplied.
  2. Incorrect Details: Before launching a trace on your payment, it is a good idea to check the payment details with your beneficiary. If the details are indeed incorrect, an amendment would be more appropriate in most cases.
  3. Value Date: Select currencies cannot credit the beneficiary on the same day as we make the payment - your account manager will be able to confirm this detail for you.

For most of our payments, you may request a copy of the outbound payment message sent to your beneficiary’s bank. This will contain all the beneficiary details that you confirmed for the payment.

All of these details will provide the beneficiary bank an opportunity to verify the payment against their own records.

WorldFirst may be able to initiate a payment recall on a best endeavour basis if you require funds to be returned – just let your account manager know.

Similarly, as your beneficiary may have to authorise the return of the payment, it is essential to make them aware of their role in the investigation.

If you have provided an incorrect account number, name, address, or payment reference prior to the payment being processed on our side, we may be able to change the details for you.

In cases where the payment has already been processed by WorldFirst, we may be able to issue an amendment request to the beneficiary bank, although in some instances we may have to wait for funds to return in order to reprocess the payment. The course of action will be determined by the currency, bank or destination, so it is once again recommended to discuss this with your account manager.

Unfortunately, if a payment has been made to the wrong bank (i.e. your beneficiary has provided the wrong SWIFT BIC or sort code), our only options are to wait for a return of funds or to recall the payment from the incorrect destination.

It is advised that you log the incident with the appropriate local crime authority as soon as you have reason to believe the payment is fraudulent. It is also essential that you make your account manager aware as soon as possible, as this will give us a better chance to recover funds.

There are many factors to which can contribute to how long an investigation can take, such as – number of intermediary banks involved in the payment journey, if incorrect details have been supplied, or if a bank is holding the payment.

We assure you that WorldFirst will continue to keep you updated on the progression of the investigation; each case is reviewed on a 2 day basis.

When you make a payment using more than one currency account, we receive the most recent rate on each account at the time you make the payment. These rates are subject to change because the rate the banks provide us fluctuate all the time. During the payment we show you the average rate you are being quoted across all currency accounts. In your statement we display the rate for each deal on each currency account.

When you make a partial payment from one your currency balances, we will attempt to take the full amount from the currency account with the highest balance. If this does not cover the payment you are trying to send, we will take the remaining payment amount from the currency account with the next highest balance until the payment is complete. Once the payment has been covered by one or more currency accounts, it will be processed.

Your account manager will contact you within one to three working days once your account opening process is completed. Please be aware of your incoming calls and check your registered email address.
For fund security reason, if you have not withdrawn funds for more than one year, the system will temporarily freeze your account. Although your account is frozen, it does not affect your receipt of funds, we suggest you to contact your customer manager as soon as possible to reactivate your account, so that the subsequent withdrawals will not be affected.
Yes. Please note that the upgrade is only applicable to company legal person as a WorldFirst company account holder, once your account is upgraded, it cannot be reverted back into an individual account.
Since currency accounts allocated under WorldFirst account for its customers are not classified into personal accounts and corporate accounts, the format of the account number is the same no matter your WorldFirst account is opened under a company or a person. We do not have any restrictions or suggestions on the account holder name that you fill in when you link it to Amazon. Amazon will send funds to WorldFirst according to the account number only. Even if the account holder name is different from WorldFirst account name, that will not affect Amazon's fund transfer to WorldFirst as long as the account number you fill in is correct.