Our commitment to China

We worked closely with our staff and customers to discuss many options before deciding on 万里汇WorldFirst.

We are confident that this new name provides a clear indication of the services we provide, whilst underpinning our brand mission - making it easier, cheaper, faster and safer for people and businesses to move and manage money around the world.

From 15.10.2018 you’ll start to see 万里汇WorldFirst used across our website, trading platforms, emails and other channels like WeChat. We hope you like it as much as we do.

This is part of a wider investment. We recently launched World Account, our new B2B offshore payment platform in China and are investing in building out our offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen. This will provide our Chinese customers with increased support.

"The launch of the 万里汇WorldFirst name is an important milestone for our business in China and a really strong demonstration of our commitment to the region.

Our mission is to do more to help not just businesses in China but businesses around the world who want to do business with China.”

Albert Wong - Country Manager, China