Add Money

Add a payer


  • you can use an enterprise bank account or some third-party payment platforms (such as Paypal) with same name to remit money to your WorldFirst account. 
  • The funds added with the same name do not support CNY settlement, but only support foreign currency withdrawal/transfer or use for 1688 Kuajingbao.

Step 1: Enter the payers page

you can click [Collection] on the top navigation bar of the homepage. Then click [Payers] with the same name. On this page, you can view and manage the same name payers.


Step 2:Add a payer

Click [Add a payer] in the upper-right corner of the page.


Select [Myself]


Step 3: Fill in the top-up bank account details.

please provide the information about your top-up bank account with the same name and upload the certificate: bank statement or bank reference letter.


Step 4: Submit for review 

After you confirm and submit the information, we will complete the review and notify you of the review results within 24 hours.


How to add money

Step 1: Add Money

You can click [Add Money] in the shortcut navigation column of the homepage.


Step 2: Check your account details

You can add money to your receiving account. For more information, see the payment account list.


Step 3: Verify the funds

if your previously added payer with the same name has been approved, your payment will be successfully recorded in the account. If you have not added payer with the same name before receiving the payment, please find the payer with the same name in the payer management page and click [Verify].


Please select the source of the fund [Myself]; The following process is the same as [add payer with the same name].